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Watch Motu Patlu Movie Deep Sea Adventure Full Free Download In Hindi

Watch Motu Patlu Movie Deep Sea Adventure In Hindi Full HD – Youtube

It is very funny and charming adventure story. Gaseeta Ram gives an idea to Motu and patlu for tours and travel company. Dr. Jhatka make a ship for tours and now Motu and Patlu with their friends are taking a trip successfully across the sea. But there is into the deep sea a magician Shakooni see in the megic glob a ship of humans is coming, he spells in the sea to bring a gigantic spiral storm which drown them into the water Shakooni spells on them take breath in the water and force them to become slaves of my leader Shakaal otherwise you all die.

Actually Shakooni wants to use humans for making a tunnel underground of water to combine all sea and make his leader to rule all over the world entire sea. Motu Patlu now in prison working with mermaids and trying to save their life. Watch full movie to see what happened with motu Patlu and their friends, will they survive and free from prison or die from haunting sharks or not in the deep sea.

The movie features very fantastic and dynamic graphics and beautiful creatures of sea and stunning funny acting of Motu Patlu speech for amusement.

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