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Wicket Keeping Champ

Play Motu Patlu Wicket Keeping Champ Game Online here. Wicket Keeping Champ is total fun, sport and good for every children and they will like it to play again and again. This is a free flash game so play it like you mean it.

Motu Patlu Games - Wicket Keeping Champ

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Wicket Keeping Champ is the best motu patlu online game. it’s a totally free online game. so play this awesome motu patlu flash game so become a wicket keeping champ with Motu Patlu.Play the game NOW!

Story of the Wicket Keeping Champ

Motu Patlu are in a very good mode today while passing by the cricket ground they thought to play the game. When they started to play the game whole  Furfuri Nagariya gathered to watch them play match. Motu and patlu are the captains of the different teams. Patlu has decided to bat first but motu decides to become the wicket keeper. Motu has the dream to play cricket at state level and you can make his dream come true so help motu in catching the ball and win match.

How to play Wickets Keeping Champ

It’s a very easy game to play. The game is controlled by the mouse on screen GLOVES appear they will move with the movement of mouse catch the ball by clicking left mouse button.

If you catch five ball than one extra ball will be granted to you so make high score by catching more balls.

So good luck and play motu patlu wicket keeping champ game and make a higher score and don’t try to forget to give your comments. One more thing do vote as well.

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