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Nick Cricket Academy

Play Motu Patlu Nick Cricket Academy Game Online here. Nick Cricket Academy is total fun and good for every children and they will like it to play again and again.

Motu Patlu Games - Nick Cricket Academy

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Nick Cricket Academy is the best motu patlu online game. it’s a totally free online game. so play this awesome game and test your skills in Nick Cricket Academy.

Story of Nick Cricket Academy Game

The game starts when there is a samosa break in Nick Cricket Academy and as you already know that Motu is very fond of samosa. so Patlu has to answer the question that is put before him. you will love this game when you play it.

How to Play Nick Cricket Academy

Each time you play the game 10 question are put before you one by one you have to choose the right answer to get higher score. All these questions are related to the Cricket knowledge that one should know if you are fan of Cricket game. Every question has four (4) options which makes it easy to give correct answer.

So go and play Nick Cricket Academy online game and don’t forget to give you comments and vote.

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