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King of the field

Play Motu Patlu King of the Fied Game Online here. King of the Field is total fun, sport and good for every children and they will like it to play again and again.

Motu Patlu Games - King of Ffield

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King of the Field is the best motu patlu online game. it’s a totally free online game. so play this awesome motu patlu flash game and help Motu become the king of the field by throwing the ball at the correct fielder.

Story of the King of the Field

One day motu was wondering in the street meanwhile his friends came and challenged him to play a game. as we know motu is a very popular in creating trouble so he accepted that challenge because the winner will get samosa as a reward for the whole week.

So in this game motu will throw the ball to the other fielder by aiming him correctly, but there is a problem. Motu is not good at aiming so you have to help him to correct his aim.

How to play King of the Field

This game is played by the Mouse all you have to do is to throw the ball toward another fielder when the sign in circle shape which is blinking appears.

Throw the ball at the center of the blinking sign which is in green color, by doing so you will get 10 points.

But if you threw the ball at white circle you will get 3 points and if you missed both the green and white circle you will only get 1 point.

So best of the luck and play motu patlu king of the field game and make a higher score and don’t try to forget to give your comments. One more thing do vote as well.

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