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Play Motu Patlu Hot Shots Game Online here. Hot Shots is amazing fun, sport and good for every children and they will like it to play again and again.

Motu Patlu Games - Hot Shots!

Hot Shots!

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Hot Shots is the best motu patlu online game. it’s a totally free online game. so play this awesome motu patlu flash game and get all the balls into the basket as fast as you can. Play the game NOW!

Story of the Motu Patlu Hot Shots Game

Once again motu and patlu are challenged by their friend to play the basket ball game and they accept that challenge. In this game patlu will throw the ball in basket in a limited time to earn score.

How to play Hot Shots Game

Hot Shots game is very easy to play. It is controlled by mouse. On screen basket moves around and you have to throw the ball in it by aiming it correctly. To release the ball click left mouse button.

First you have to throw at least 10 balls in the basket in order to move to the next level. On each throw if it gets in the basket you will get 2 points and 3 on additional basket.

So best of the luck and play motu patlu hot shots game and make a higher score and don’t try to forget to give your comments. One more thing do vote as well.

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