Motu Aur Patlu Ki Jodi – Nick India TV Show for Kids

The show brings alive the classic comic stars Motu Aur Patlu and has stories that are deeply rooted in India. Motu Patlu is a lively comic caper that is sure to engage kids as well as the entire family. Set in the beautiful city of Furfuri Nagariya, Motu and Patlu are as similar as chalk and cheese. The ‘Awesome Twosome’ is always on an adventurous expedition and have an uncanny ability to get into tricky situations – every single day.



Profile: MOTU

Motu is a village dunce from Fufuri Nagariya. A jovial person, dreams big but lands in trouble most of the times. A samosa fan. His only love: FOOD


Profile: PATLU

Patlu is the “idea” guy, smart chap of the gang. Can’t read but showoff. Motu’s partner in crime, he gets them out of one trouble only for another.